The DNA of HERM Logic can be traced back to 1985, when our founder John Musster established Musster Metals* as a lean agile manufacture, and secured a supply contract with Toyota Radiator Australia.

Today, we apply our commercial acumen with best practice in procurement and dynamic supply chain management to outsource custom fabricated fiberglass products manufactured with leading edge pultrusion technology.

Subsequently, our environmentally friendly products require zero maintenance; are longer lasting; are anti-corrosive and non-conductive; are lighter and stronger than products made of steel/aluminium; and delivers the lowest cost of ownership to business.

* TOYOTO Certifed Manufacture

The 2022 FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Range are outsourced from a short list of preferred suppliers/manufactures.

The HERM process of selecting ‘preferred supplier/manufacture’ – must, as a minimum, meet the following:

  1. be an ISO 9001 Accredit Manufacture
  2. be a Certified Manufacture that comply with Industry Certified Safety Standards to Country of Distribution – ie.: Australia: AS/NZS; USA: ANSI/OSHA; Europe: EU/CEN
  3. demonstrate the following criteria as SOP (Standard Operating procedure):
  • comparable competitive price
  • value for money
  • quality (material traceability)
  • reliability
  • extended warranty
  • responsiveness
  • flexibility


  • 2 Year Manufactures Warranty


The HERM lift/hoist was designed, and is manufactured for the transportation of material only, the intended purpose. HERM’s warranty obligations do not include: (i) reasonable wear and tear; (ii) normal corrosion; (iii) use of unapproved parts or unproved alterations to components to the extent prohibited by HERM’s written operating manuals; (iv) defects caused by persons not trained by the Owner as per the HERM Solar Panel Lift-Hoist Assembly & Operation Manual, including not operation or maintenance of the hoist/lift; and (v) the carriage or transport of persons.

The HERM industrial inclined lift/hoist warranty only applies for the transport of goods and materials within the maximum permissible (rated) weight.