Over a century ago, two forward thinking roofers embarked on a journey of innovation that would
redefine "working smart"

Today, we stand on the shoulders of these two pioneers, armed with cutting-edge CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and lean manufacturing technologies. We have harnessed the power of fiberglass reinforced plastic's (FRP) to create a new era of equipment for transporting roofing and solar equipment on to rooftops - a lifter and conveyor that is not only lighter and stronger but also non-conductive and non-corrosive.

Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, and the result is a lifter and conveyor that drives up productivity while driving down labor and installation costs by more than 70%. We are proud to carry on the legacy of these early visionaries and continue to shape the future with state-of-the-art solutions, German engineering and a 2 Year Manufactures Warranty

HERM Ultra-lite250 and Ultra-lite300
Lifting & Conveyor Solutions [ Mk3 Patent Pending ]

 Mk3 Model's      Module Size                      COMRESS

HERM11          11.6m/48.1ft                Single to 2 Storie Building
HERM16          16.6m/54.5ft  Single to 4 Storie Building
HERM21          21.6m/70.8ft Single to 5 Storie Building

At HERM, we believe in the power of advancing proven know-how with cutting-edge technology to redefine industry standards. We took a century old invention and reimagined it for the 21st century, propelling it into a new era of efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.



Manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards | German Engineering

Key Features | Non-Conductive, Non-Corrosive, Lighter & Stronger

  • Electric Winch. Power-drive is a 2kW/2.7hp motor is housed in an easy to transport (wheeled) ‘plug-and-operate’ safety box.
    - Power Options: 110/120V 50Hz or in 230/240V 60Hz
    - Lift Capacity Options: 250kg/550lbs or 300kg/660lbs.

  • 2 Controllers: 10m wired and 100m wireless/remote with emergency Stop Button.

  • 2 Limit Switches. Upper and Lower.

  • 9 Spring Electromagnetic Brake System.

  • Wire Cable: 6mm anti-rotation cable. Grade 1960, 19x7 contract with load capacity of 5,5kN.

  • Base Module: Swivel footings and ground anchor points.

  • Lean angle indicator.

  • Eave/Curve Module (Proprietary design): This articulating module can be adjusted and set from 5/deg to 90/deg to match any roof pitch.

  • Ground, wall and rooftop supports to provide additional structural integrity.

  • Chassis is equipped with a 'cable break brake solution' in compliance with AS1418.8 / Cl 3.5.4. The chassis frame can be extended from 1.5m to 2.9m to support extra-long/large equipment.

  • Transport bin that can be used in Closed format for transporting tools, bricks, tiles, concrete/cement bags, etc., or in Open format for transporting roofing sheets, solar panels, ac systems, solar rooftop hot-water systems, timber/lumber, etc.





Work SMART (Mk3)

roofing or solar, this 96 second video will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision on Working Smart! (Mk2)

What (Mk3)


HERM Lifter-Conveyor: Mark/Mk2.7 (2022)

HERM Lifter-Conveyor: Mark/Mk2.0 (2021/22)

HERM Lifter-Conveyor: Mark/Mk2.4 (2022)

HERM Lifter-Conveyor: Mark/Mk1.0 (2018/19)

In this video, we explore the 'Risk & Issues' and compare the efficiency of the
HERM Lifter to transport 5x solar panels (weight: 150kg/330lbs) on to,
and across the rooftop to where the installation is to take place.

... while a contractor/laborer only manages to transport just 1x solar panel to the
roof-edge! - to the awaiting 2nd contractor/laborer

In this video, we explore the application of a 'Portable Power Generator'
at a remote industrial site (an Off-Grid application).

In this video, James explains and demonstrates the operating features and the
engineering behind the HERM Lifter (Mk2.4/2022)

In this video, James is showcasing the HERM Lifter (Mk2.7/2022)

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WHO buys the HERM Lifter
WHO buys the HERM Lifter