HERM Inclined Industrial Lift/Hoist are engineered and manufactured to meet the highest quality and performance standards to ensure safe, reliable performance in demanding industrial and commercial environments. We offer permanent and temporary installations and custom products for unique applications, supported by world-class customer service – from your very first call throughout installation and training.

Industry grade aluminium and high-quality materials are used in the transport platform construction; and non-proprietary critical electrical components and motors with proven performance from leading global manufacturers underpin:

  • the product performance of a HERM inclined lift/hoist year-in-year-out; and
  • our commitment to our customers at every level… where the return on investment (ROI) can be traced back across every installation project – from Work Health & Safety (WHS) to workplace productivity, to reduced cost of ownership.

HERM industrial inclined lift/hoist and transport platforms are ISO standards compliant and meet stringent AS/NZ, European, and international quality and safety standards.


  • Electric Winch & Control: 2 Year Manufactures Warranty
  • Inclined Lift/Hoist (lifter): 5 Year Manufactures Warranty.


The HERM lift/hoist was designed, and manufactured for the transportation of material only, the intended purpose. HERM’s warranty obligations do not include: (i) reasonable wear and tear; (ii) normal corrosion; (iii) use of unapproved parts or unproved alterations to components to the extent prohibited by HERM’s written operating manuals; (iv) defects caused by persons not trained by the Owner as per the HERM Solar Panel Lift-Hoist Assembly & Operation Manual, including not operation or maintenance of the hoist/lift; and (v) the carriage or transport of persons.

The HERM industrial inclined lift/hoist warranty only applies for the transport of goods and materials within the maximum permissible (rated) weight.