Delivering What Customers Want

based on a foundation of trust, transparency and accountability… since 1995

As a group consulting firm of independent strategic partners and associates, our approach is to provide bespoke services tailored to each of our clients’ needs, and to ensure their continues growth at the lowest total cost to company (CTC).

Our expertise enables us to advice on the full range of strategies to minimize costs and reduce waste from end-to-end without sacrificing value across key areas of flow.

Our risk and value focused approach supports our clients by delivering financially robust advice and solutions throughout the project, procurement and supply chain life-cycle.

Our next generation group aggregated procurement (GAP) program continues to deliver, year-on-year, between 10% and 35% in negotiated and realized savings to GAP Members.

As such, we are able to provide truly impartial objective advice to our clients.

Since 1995

As a business process outsourcing (BPO) managed services (MS) group business, we offer a full range of high-value, “start-to-finish” service. We provide engineering, design, construction, commissioning, sourcing, outsourcing, contract negotiation and management, supply chain management,… and much more for residential, commercial and industrial projects … and it all started back in 1995.

about HERM Built: 2015 –

Within an overarching BIM framework incorporating bespoke cloud (SaaS) technology, advanced project management and delivery techniques, and management system (accountability and transparency) – HERM Built was established as a next generation building and construction (B&C) firm following project managed service by HERM Logic on the $1.2B Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth in 2013/14.

HERM Built can deliver on-site and off-site affordable project + custom design and built residential, commercial and industrial projects to customers wanting comparable competitive fixed-price, value for money outcomes, a stress free environment… in short, a building company that delivers ‘What the Customer Want’

about HERM Tech Logic: 2012 –

John established HERM Tech Logic as a tech start-up with his close friend John Knott in 2013. The original scope of work (SoW) was to develop an deploy open mesh solution to track items and exchange time critical information between items and people within a GeoSocial Footprint.

Today, we have combined ‘Open Mesh’ with ‘Smart Home’ technology devices + apps to offer affordable turnkey smart home, smart office, smart warehouse and smart store services.

HERM Logic: 2005 –

Founded by John Musster in 2005 through shared common goals, HERM Logic is a boutique project management, procurement and supply chain business process outsourcing (P&SC-BPO) service company.

The HERM Logic team comprises of specialists; individually and collectively, each team member is selected for their expertise and understanding of the field in which the client operates.

As an independent practice, the practicing partners are not part of a group, and the partners continue to work for clients on both sides of the buy and sell relationship across multiple industries and markets worldwide.

Clients include, but limited to
Serco (AP), Australia Post, Australian Defence Force, Nortel Networks, Oakton Consulting; Bowin Manaufacturing; Pioneer Lafarge,

about Vietnam: 1995 – 2010

The history of HERM, as a group of stand-alone business can be traced back to 1995, when John Musster and his partners Tim Green and Tai Quoc Minh successfully secured a 15 year contract with the Government of Vietnam to refurbish and upgrade the ailing cinema theatres of Vietnam into state-of-the-art modern cinema complexes.

John C Musster
Group Founder/CEO
Trade Diploma (AIEx)
Lic(ex) (CBFCA)
Practice Expertise

o Business Continuity Planning
o Business Process Management
o Commonwealth & State Procurement Guidelines
o Consultative Business Development
o Contracts Management & Due-diligence
o Direct (Head) & Indirect (Tail) Category Management
o Enterprise Risk Management
o E-Procurement
o Exports & Imports Clearance and Logistics Management
o Lean Manufacturing & Management
o Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
o Probity Consulting
o Project Management
o Procurement & Supplier Management
o Sales & Operation Planning
o Stakeholder Management
o Strategic Sourcing and Outsourcing
o Supply Chain Management; and
o Tender Management (RFI, RFP, RFQ)