2005: Following the sale of MDS Co-op (1995 – 2005), a $50M collaborative buying group supporting 250 independent technology retailers (600 Retail Stores) across Australia and New Zealand, John surrounded himself with likeminded SME’s (subject matter experts) and established HERM Logic in 2005.

As a boutique consultancy, a procurement and supply managed services firm, HERM Logic specialized in strategic and tactical sourcing, outsourcing, contract management and supply management… and soon, established a reputation for delivering ‘value for money’ outcomes with transparency and accountability.

Major Clients (Project Value) include: Australia Post ($45m), Defence Australia (Project JEDI $70m), Serco Asia Pacific (PaaS $650m) and NSW State Government (TPA 2210 $1.2b).

COVID 19: Like most consulting firms, especially a boutique consultancy like HERM – we had to come to terms with the impact of COVID-19. As part of our rebuild, we looked at our core strengths, capabilities… and where to next?

Recognising the risk and issues associated with roof-top solar installation, we drew on our core straights and capabilities within technology, manufacturing, building and construction, supply and distribution to design and build the 1st HERM Incline Lift/Hoist for CEIC >>for more information, please ‘click here’.

Today, and with a continuous focus into the future, the new HERM Logic is a manufacturer and distributor of leading-edge FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic). We will continue to pushed the benchmark and ‘up the ante’ with innovative designs; the application of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies; and applying best practice in procurement, production, and supply chain management to minimise material wastage and cost … where the direct and indirect savings will be reflected in our competitive pricing!

WorkSmart… WorkSafe… by investing in a HERM today!

HERM Group Companies

2015 The Group established HERM Built (HB). While the new business focused on building and construction projects – procurement, supply chain, contracts and contract management… our history in B&C can be traced back to 1995, to Vietnam.
Major Projects: Residential, Commercial and Industrial (Australia).

2019 The Group established Clean Energy Installers Corporation (CEIC). Formerly, HERM Tech Logic (HTL: 2013 – 2019), the new and re-energized business specialize in sourcing, securing and delivering supply advantages with competitive pricing to Australian small and medium enterprises (SME’s) competing in solar retail and installation.

today, as it was yesterday… it is about

Working-Smart; Working-with-Accountability, and Working-with-Transparency to deliver lowest cost to our valued customers.

WorkSmart... WorkSafe by investing in a HERM Today!